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Thursday, April 01, 2010

'Paleo' websites and blogs

'Paleo' is a shortened form of the word 'paleolithic', and in common usage refers to the Stone Age, what I tend to think of as the time of our ancestors, the Cavemen and Cavewomen. My website and my blog are not paleo sites, but they do have some points in common. This is because more and more paleo sites are specifically about the benefits of eating a 'paleo diet', i.e. food believed to be similar to what the cave people ate, since our species evolved eating this sort of food, and logically it would seem to be the sort of food best suited for our health.

As you may realise, I favour avoiding added salt and eating fresh food, rather than processed food, these being my main recommendations. I am sure that these measures are of great benefit to our health. Most paleo sites recommend other measures too, like avoiding grains, e.g. wheat, because grains came to be eaten when our ancestors stopped being purely hunter-gatherers and widened their food intake by cultivating plants and growing cereals - becoming farmers, in fact.

If you browse the internet you will find that paleo sites can differ quite a lot from one another, and by no means all embrace the no added salt emphasis which is my strongest recommendation. But I am sure that all efforts to eat as 'natural' a diet as we reasonably can, must improve our health.