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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Health Charities criticise Labour's Record on Health

See report about a letter to the Sunday Telegraph. Among the signatories, "Katherine Murphy, from The Patients Association said: “When the public hears that money is being made available for a specific purpose, like carers, or Alzheimer’s, or children’s health, they think that is where it will go. I think people would be so shocked and saddened to realise just how often this has not been the case.”"

I would certainly agree with the points made in the letter, which currently appears online on page http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/letters/7599337/Parties-must-be-more-specific-about-health-care-funding.html

But I would criticise all the parties with regard to their policy on Health. I believe they all make claims like 'The NHS is safe with us' or similar. - Frankly, it's not the safety of the NHS that I care about; it's the well-being and safety of the vast numbers of patients who have suffered, or continue to suffer, appalling treatment at the hands of a bureaucratic, callous, arrogant, ill-informed, self-serving, drug-pushing, shockingly expensive, almost completely unaccountable State machine that has the gall to call itself a National Health Service.

my Mensa article on Cruelty, Clinical Negligence and the Abuse of Power in the NHS

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