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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Three Cheers for Vitamin D!

Three Cheers for Vitamin D! - There are many health benefits from making sure you are getting enough vitamin D.

Maybe you are like me - not able to get out in the sun much, and so not getting much vitamin D from sunshine on your skin. If you are rather weak/frail/infirm, this lack of sunshine could be part of the cause, especially if you are elderly. Maybe, like me, you would benefit from taking in more vitamin D by way of your food or in vitamin D tablets.

I've found that after a few months taking vitamin D tablets I really have benefited from them. - I feel much stronger. - My arms and hands are stronger. My legs are stronger. It is much, much easier for me to get up from a chair, which had, as a steroid victim, become a really difficult feat.

Many people suffer, unknowingly, from vitamin D deficiency and would, as I did, benefit from increasing their intake of the sunshine vitamin. There are many health benefits from this, apart from the ones I have mentioned here. - If you click on the vitamin D tags in the list of tags under this post, I'm sure you would find much that will interest and help you.