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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Professor Richard Bentall, psychologist, has trenchant views about psychiatric drugs

Professor Richard Bentall, psychologist, has trenchant views about psychiatric drugs and the harm they do. I heard him on Radio 4's Moral Maze this evening explaining that there are two main groups who profit from antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs - namely the shareholders of the drug companies, and the doctors/psychiatrists who make a living from prescribing the drugs. Good to hear some unambiguous honesty about these toxic drugs, and to have it pointed out by a respected academic that the evidence for their efficacy is all but non-existent. - Three Cheers for Professor Bentall!

And see Richard Bentall interview in which you will read him quoted as saying, " Drug companies are bribing American child psychiatrists with huge research grants to advocate this kind of treatment, and it’s beginning to happen in the UK. I don’t know how else to put it but that people are being bribed to poison children — and accepting the bribe." - I hope that has whetted your appetitite to read the whole article!