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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A happy email I received yesterday from the USA

This is the message the email contained:

"I wanted to let you know that I followed your advice about lowering sodium intake. I'm only about 10 lbs over weight but I had high blood pressure. I take blood pressure medicine but my Dr. wanted to give me a different blood pressure medicine with a diuretic in it. I refused to change to it. I wanted to reduce my blood pressure with out additional medicine and why is it getting higher. I started more exercise and watching what I eat but that was not working. Then I found your web site and started looking at all the foods we eat. My wife and I changed the types of food we eat and do not eat any with high sodium content. We cook more of our own dishes and eat just as good as we want. I try to limit sodium to 1500 mg and in two months time I have reduced my blood pressure by 25 points and feel much better. I can't wait until my next checkup to show the Doctor my results.

I think it is a shame that so much emphasis is placed on Calories, cholesterol and fat content but never a mention of sodium.

Thanks for your research."

If you have high blood pressure, why not try following that advice on my website and you too will find your blood pressure will go down and you will feel much better, like the man who wrote to me.