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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Telegraph reports that drug and cosmetics firms intend to eliminate animal testing

The Telegraph reports that drug and cosmetics firms intend to cut down on animal testing. - So drug firms and cosmetics firms are going to cut down on animal tests, are they? - Let's hope so! There's been horrifying cruelty along the way. And precious little benefit to the health or safety of the humans the testing is purported to protect.

Does testing drugs on animals result in safer drugs for people? - You're kidding! - What then has been the purpose of testing on animals the drugs intended for use by people? - The purpose of the testing has been to pretend that it makes drugs safer for people, and, most importantly, to allow the drugs eventually to be manufactured and sold.

You cannot trust drug manufacturers. - Avoid pharmaceutical drugs unless they are absolutely necessary. Take them in as small a dose and for as short a time as possible. Report any side-effects.