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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Overpaid top hospital consultants continue to ride the gravy train

The Telegraph reports that despite Britain's austerity measures and cuts in public spending, and the assurances made by the ConLib government - to overhaul the system, limiting rewards which currently give most consultants bonuses for life - massive lifetime rewards have continued to be awarded to the top consultants. The awards are meant to be for "outstanding contributions to patient care or research" and yet they are received by more than half of doctors! - How can more than half of them be outstanding? - The correct answer to that question, as you well know, is that they can't. It's got to be a fix, hasn't it? - Overpaid and on the make is a common moral failing in these materialistic days...)o: - Oops! - I forgot! - It's medical ethics, no doubt...