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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Safe Detox

The safest detox you can carry out is to give up dieting/fasting/starving/counting calories and generally making yourself tired, cold, miserable and hungry, and instead simply concentrate on avoiding eating salt and salty food. That means in practice giving up ready meals, processed food, takeaways and salty snacks like crisps and salted peanuts. It means giving up relying on a convenient shop-bought sandwich for your lunch (bread is high in salt), giving up bacon and sausages and cheese and deli cold meats. It means avoiding sauces and mayos and pickles and Marmite (ugh!) and most breakfast cereals and most biscuits. (More detailed information on Sodium in Foods)

“What is there left for me to eat?” you wail! – What is left to eat is food!


This means buying fresh meat or fresh fish and cooking it, buying real vegetables and cooking them, buying delicious real fruit and eating it. And drinking lovely full cream milk. And making your own bread without salt if you want bread, and using unsalted butter to spread on it.

In just a few days you will feel so much better – fitter, brighter, more alert. You will be losing excess weight and you skin and hair will be in better condition. Cutting out salt is like waving a magic wand!

Why is this? – It’s because salt is the most toxic ingredient in the food we usually buy. For the vulnerable groups it is literally an insidious slow poison that is destroying the health and happiness of millions upon millions of people the world over.

Get a life! – Give up salt! – This is the Safe Detox.

Try to stick to it for the rest of your life.