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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obese women are '50pc more likely to die of breast cancer'

Obese women '50pc more likely to die of breast cancer'

Extract from the Telegraph:

"Significantly overweight women are almost 50 per cent more likely to die of breast cancer within five years of diagnosis, experts warned yesterday.

Doctors at the 6th European Breast Cancer Conference in Berlin warned that it was more difficult to diagnose the disease in obese patients who also risked getting poorer treatment because doctors feared giving them a high enough dose of chemotherapy for their body weight.

Almost 1,500 patients a year in the UK could be diagnosed earlier if they were not obese, research at the conference suggests. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women, and almost 45,000 cases are diagnosed in the UK every year, around 9,000 in clinically obese patients.

However, that percentage is predicted to increase because of lifestyle factors that have led to a quarter of women being diagnosed as obese.

Obesity has previously been shown to increase the risk of developing the disease, by raising the level of sex hormones such as oestrogen."

I wonder if that last claim is true - that obesity raises the level of oestrogen in the body? - I rather doubt it. - Because I know that the opposite is definitely true - i.e. that raised oestrogen levels cause weight gain. This is because higher oestrogen levels cause sodium and water retention (aka salt sensitivity). - Thus salt/sodium is the vector for fluid retention, which is, of course, the cause of obesity. - Obese people easily and rapidly lose weight if they avoid eating salt and salty food. - So the best thing to do to avoid breast cancer and/or reduce excess weight is to cut out salt.

The two main causes of extreme obesity in women are prescription drugs - mainly tricyclic antidepressants and steroids - and pregnancy. - If they were informed that these caused sodium retention and water retention and that therefore salt intake should be minimised, then the huge weight gains would be avoided - and the cancers and other health problems that result from the weight gain - but they are not given this vital information...)o:

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