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Monday, April 07, 2008

Delia Smith's 'Cheat' recipes 'have too much salt'

Delia Smith's recipes 'have too much salt'

Extract from the Telegraph:

"A number of Delia Smith's recipes in her How to Cheat at Cooking series contain more salt than the recommended daily intake, food campaigners warn today.

Government guidelines suggest that adults should include no more than 6g of salt in their diet each day.

But some of Miss Smith's latest recipes exceed the limit in one dish, even before any salt is added for seasoning, according to research by Consensus Action on Salt and Health (Cash).

It looked at a range of starters and main courses from her television series, which is aimed at helping people with little time or cooking ability and recommends short cuts such as using frozen mashed potato. Some of the ready-made foods she advocates are already high in salt."

I saw the end of Delia's ghastly programme today as I awaited the programme I had switched on to watch. I was immediately repelled by the lemongrass ingredient that was stored in BRINE - a high salt liquid. - And I noticed that no-one actually ate the appalling concoction she had made - sirloin steak ruined by an appalling high-salt concoction described as a marinade, dunked in some other ghastly stuff and then wrapped in iceberg lettuce...)o: - This brought to mind one of her programmes years ago in which she had advised not to wash lettuce!!! (so that it didn't go limp or something). - I resolved at that time never to eat anything Delia had cooked or assembled, 'cos I wouldn't want to risk food poisoning...)o: