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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weight Loss forums? Dieting threads?

Ever had a browse through weight loss forums and dieting threads? Have you noticed there are many people, usually women, who seem desperate? - They explain that they have tried loads of diets, tried many times, been to slimming clubs, taken pills, been to exercise classes, etc. but nothing works. They ask for advice, ideas. They say they are ready to 'try anything'. - But this is seldom true.
Occasionally I've been able to post the suggestion that they try cutting down on salt and salty food, explaining that this is the fastest and safest way to reduce weight, and explaining (usually) how it brings about weight loss. Sometimes a person starts a thread to draw attention to one of my webpages or blogposts about losing weight by cutting down on salt, and quite often a moderator will advise the OP and other forum members not to make changes to the diet without seeking their doctor's permission as though this is mandatory! - If you went to a doctor to ask if it was OK to cut down on salt s/he'd think you were crazy. - The health service repeatedly advises people to cut down on salt.
Ready to try anything? - Very sadly, all too often they are ready to try any way to lose weight except the fastest, safest, easiest and most effective way to lose weight, namely by seriously cutting down on salt and salty food. - Why won't they try it? - Some say it wouldn't work (though they've never tried it), and some say they like salt too much to cut down, and some say "No, that's not my problem 'cos I don't really eat much salt," and others say, "No, I know someone who eats loads of salt and they're not at all fat..." and many say, "It isn't be as simple as that," - but it is. - They believe losing weight should be really difficult and should involve hunger.
They often get persuaded to try dieting again - a new diet, that someone or other swears by - and yet the one thing that they know from experience will not work is dieting...
If you want to lose excess weight, seriously cut down on salt and salty food and watch the pounds fall off! - You will feel sooo much better.