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Friday, August 31, 2012

Why does every damn thing have to be contaminated by synthetic scents?

Laundry never smells clean any more. It smells of artificial 'freshness' or something - from either the wash stuff or the conditioner stuff or both. - And the smell never seems to wear off! It permanently poisons the air in our homes.

Dry-cleaning these days smells especially vile! - Not from the toxic dry-cleaning fumes themselves so much, as from the disgusting stink that is sprayed on to cover up the cleaning agent odour. - I'm going to have to give some just-cleaned garments to charity because I simply cannot bear the lingering, noxious stink.

Heaven knows why people want to spray Febreze on mucky stuff to pretend it is clean! - I'd rather smell the muck than the ghastly cover-ups!

Bring back CLEAN! - Just plain CLEAN!