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Thursday, May 06, 2010

International No Diet Day: that's today, May 6th

That's right: today is International No Diet Day. I hope all dieters are observing it...(o:

But seriously, I urge you to give up dieting, not just for today, but for ever. Dieting is not necessary to lose weight and, indeed, diets do not work. In fact dieting is harmful.

Why do you think people find that diets don't work? - It's because obesity is caused by fluid retention/salt sensitivity, not by eating too many calories. It's not the calories in junk food that make you gain weight; it's the SALT.

We all know people who eat like trenchermen but never get fat. - They are the lucky people who are not sensitive to salt. For them, eating salt doesn't lead to fluid retention because their strong veins can withstand the input of salt/sodium when they eat more of it than their body needs. - Their kidneys do not have a problem dealing with the salt/sodium and they excrete any excess salt/sodium in their urine, along with the water that salt always attracts to itself.

When excess fluid (i.e. excess salt and water) is held in the veins, the extra blood volume obviously adds to a person's weight: water weighs heavily in fact. - So if you are overweight and reduce your salt intake you will shed some of the excess fluid held in your body and will therefore lose weight - easily, safely and fast.

And do not despise the weight lost and think well, it's only water. - Excess WATER is what you need to lose in order to lose weight safely. - You don't want to lose lean muscle/firm flesh. You don't want your skin and bones to become thinner and more fragile. - You don't want to lose your hair.

Believe me: you want to lose excess fluid. - There is a great bonus to losing excess fluid. - If you have fat retention as well as fluid retention, then reducing salt intake also reduces fat retention.

There are no calories in salt - but if you cut down on salt you will easily lose excess weight. If you cut down on calories you will not lose excess weight.

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