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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Useless Social Services Allowed Bullying Father to Rape His Two Daughters Repeatedly and to Father Children by them during Decades of Terrible Abuse

BBC News reports yet another horrifying failure of battalions of agencies that should have protected/rescued these vulnerable, suffering daughters from cruelty and incest, but failed them over and over and over again. Today they apologise for their failings. Their insincerity rings in our ears. They should be weeping tears of searing regret. They should be sobbing with remorse. They should have resigned from their lucrative posts long ago. They should be hanging their heads in shame...

No one has been sacked - or even disciplined.

Guess what? - "Lessons have been learned." - The only lesson that is EVER learned is that no-one will be punished for allowing suffering, vulnerable people to carry on suffering.