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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Delivery Man who brought my grocery order today was overweight and had a very red face.

The redness of his face led me to think he had probably been prescribed steroids in the past and taken them, and I plucked up courage to ask him politely if this was the case. Happily, he wasn't offended by my question, and he said yes, he had taken prescribed steroids in the past and yes, they had caused him to gain weight.

Obviously, I couldn't, and didn't, delay him in his work, but I was able to give him one of my cards and encourage him to visit my website where he will be able to discover how to lower his excess weight easily and swiftly and improve his health in a multitude of ways just by cutting down on salt and salty food. I do hope he will visit my website and follow the salt reduction suggestions there. - It would at the very least make it a lot easier for him to deliver the heavy groceries...

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