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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overweight parents could be paid to walk their children to school as part of a Government campaign to fight the obesity epidemic. - It won't work!

Fat parents could be paid to walk their children to school
article in the Telegraph


"Overweight parents could be paid to walk their children to school as part of a Government campaign to fight the obesity epidemic."

"Businesses which have signed up to the initiative include ITV, which is to run a series of programmes tracking viewers' attempts to live healthier lives, and Kellogg's, the cereal giant, which will support breakfast clubs in deprived areas."

There are many benefits to exercise, but reducing obesity is not one of them. There is no evidence that exercise reduces excess weight and there IS evidence that it doesn't! Extra exercise will make the parents and children tired without causing them to lose excess weight.

On Radio 4's "You and Yours" programme today they had discussion and phone-in and email contributions from listeners about the problem of obesity and about the Government's new initiative to tackle it with its creation of so-called 'healthy towns', promoting mainly an increase in exercise. As I've already stated, exercise will not reduce obesity. - One of the listeners who phoned in recited the advice we have all heard many thousands of times, namely to 'eat less and exercise more'. - She gave this advice along with the word that usually precedes it, i.e. she said, "Just eat less and exercise more!" - It's so simplistic and so very patronising - as if people are still unaware of this message and have never tried to follow this advice! - But they have! - over and over and over again! - The advice does not work! The advice usually causes weight GAIN not weight loss...)o:

The way to reduce excess weight/fluid retention is to eat plenty of food, but to avoid salt. - Ironically, Kellogg's, the firm that will be helping with breakfast clubs in deprived areas is one of the firms that adds a great deal of salt to most of its products - like cornflakes - so their 'help' is unlikely to do a lot of good...)o:

What a wasted opportunity! What a waste of money! - What needless, avoidable illness, pain and suffering the nation's obese children and adults will have to endure because the 'experts' - doctors, dieticians, the diet industry, Government ministers, the Department of Health, the World Health Organisation - have for so many years been giving out misinformation instead of helping people with the problems of overweight and obesity! What incalculable harm the food companies have done by their reckless addition of so much salt/sodium to processed convenience food and ready meals! - How they have warped the taste of their customers, giving them a taste for high salt food! - All of these people have great suffering and millions of early deaths on their consciences. - Those who know the truth - and there definitely are some who know the truth - are not correcting the lies that are harming innocent people because they do not want to admit that they have been misleading people all these years. They are frightened of being laughed at or getting into trouble or being sued... - They should be frightened of causing people to suffer pain and illness needlessly.

Obesity is caused by fluid retention in people who are sensitive to salt. It is not caused by too many calories, so it is not reduced by eating fewer calories or by using up more calories by increased exercise.

Lose weight by eating less salt! Go on! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!
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