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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This evening I've been watching Ten Years Younger on Channel 4.

In case you've never seen the programme I'll explain that the format is that a person (usually it's a woman) who looks older than her real age is helped by several professionals to look younger, and the aim is for the person to look at least ten years younger.

The woman this evening had had all her teeth out at the early age of 18, and this had made her look much older - her cheeks sunken, her mouth sunken in despite her false teeth, her lips thin, her chin too prominent. She had also lost a lot of hair and this hair loss was what distressed her most.

Her loss of confidence had led to her giving up the effort to look her best using make-up, and clothes-wise. But she wants now to become a teacher and so felt the need to improve her looks and applied to the programme for help to do so.

It must be quite an ordeal and must take a lot of courage to be the subject of the programme, because we the viewers see the subject at her worst - sans teeth, sans hair, sans make-up, etc.

However, we also see the wonderful transformation as it takes place...(o:

This woman was operated upon by an excellent surgeon. He gave her face a chemical peel and a face lift. He reduced her nose and her chin and I think he also did something to the skin around her eyes. It all made a big difference.

A cosmetic dentist made her some (larger) cosmetic dentures and these looked very nice and filled out her face more.

The show's presenter, Nicky Hambleton-Jones, coaxed her into more up-to-date and flattering clothes, and a make-up expert gave her instruction in how to use make-up.

What I had never seen before was the fantastic work of a team of people who made her hair look fuller/thicker. - A net was put onto her hair and her hair was pulled through and additional human hair (not her own) was added, particularly at the front of her head, where the hair was very thin indeed. She also had her hair coloured in an attractive way.

She certainly did look younger - and happier, and more confident - as a result of the work done on her and it was nice to see her happiness and the pleasure of her family and friends.

If, Dear Reader, you happen to be very overweight/obese, and tired and fed up of looking fat and trying - and failing - to lose weight by dieting, I can tell you how to look ten years younger, how to improve the condition of your skin and your hair, how to improve your health and happiness, without the help of the Channel 4 programme and without surgery or dentistry or dieting or expense!

Here is what to do:

Overweight and obesity are initiated by fluid retention, and occur in people who are sensitive to salt/sodium. - To lose excess weight it is necessary to cut down on salt and salty food. - So instead of eating ready meals you need to cook a meal from fresh ingredients and use little or no salt to flavour it. - You could try using pepper or herbs instead of salt, or if you feel you cannot yet give up salt, then use one of the low sodium salt substitutes, e.g. LoSalt, Solo Low Sodium Sea Salt or AlsoSalt, instead of ordinary salt.

Lose weight by eating less salt! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!

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