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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Labour is no longer the party trusted to bring in the health reforms that are need to safeguard the NHS for future generations

Labour no longer trusted on NHS reforms
Article in the Telegraph


"Barely one in five people believe the Labour party will deliver a better health service over the next ten years, the You Gov poll shows."

"The results of the poll show he Tories have a clear lead on health policy with 31 per cent of people saying they would do a better job of running the health service, compared to 23 per cent who think Labour would deliver on the NHS.

The results of the latest poll confirm a shift in the political debate over health care, away from funding and towards improved management and organisation.

After years of above-inflation increases in health spending, most voters now believe the NHS has enough money. But they worry that the service has become bureaucratic and over-burdened with managers."