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Monday, July 30, 2012

Did you know that the spice Turmeric can seriously improve your health?

You may like to have a look at this interesting webpage about the health benefits of Turmeric. -- If you  browse the internet using your favourite search engine you will find a multitude of further articles about this ancient spice that retains a worthy place in our modern world and especially in meals like curries. You will find that it has a role to play in cancer prevention, in reducing inflammation and chronic pain, in treating bowel problems and many more. It doesn't have bad side-effects like painkillers and other pharmaceutical drugs do, and that's a huge advantage. But it does have one disadvantage, and that is that it can stain. Indeed, it was first used as a dye. - Now me, I'm really good at spilling stuff, especially now that my hands have been so damaged by the effects of steroid meds, etc. So although I used to add turmeric powder to my meals I got fed up of sometimes getting turmeric stains on my clothes and I stopped using it in cooking. I now buy it in capsule form and I simply swallow a couple of the capsules a day with a meal and a good drink of water. - But there can't be too many people as clumsy as I am, so I'm sure most of you would want to use it in the time-honoured way of simply adding it to your curry/soup/stew or whatever.