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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Johnson and Johnson: heavy fine for misleading doctors about adverse effects of Risperdal antipsychotic

So Johnson and Johnson have been sued again, been in court again, and been fined again, as reported here by BBC News. They have been understating the seriousness of the side-effects of Risperdal anti-psychotic, and a fine of $1.1bn (£690m) makes clear the gravity of the offence. Pharmaceutical drug companies are notorious for their practice of avoiding giving information about the potential harm their products can cause. But sizable fines like this one do not deter them from repeating the offending behaviour. Why is this? - Well it's because these large fines make little dent in their huge profits . And even more pertinently, corporate fines do not deter the individuals largely responsible for the harmful misinformation. This is a feature of most white-collar crime, and it is perhaps the main reason the criminal practices continue. The personnel who profit so handsomely with massive salaries clearly feel no moral qualms at the horrifying and needless suffering they inflict on the innocent patients/victims who take their vile meds. Risperdal "increased the risk of strokes and death in elderly dementia patients, could lead to seizures, major weight gain, onset of diabetes and potentially fatal high blood sugar."

If you click on the Johnson and Johnson label beneath this post, you will bring up other instances of J & J's corrupt business practices.
The guilty individuals should have to appear in the criminal court, where they could receive a prison sentence appropriate to the gravity of the damage their dangerous drugs have inflicted.This would be far more effective in curbing the excesses of the drug companies.