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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Black Bin Bags made of Recycled Plastic

Black bin bags made of recycled plastic smell absolutely VILE! I bought some months ago and had to discard them as the smell was so foul and it didn't wear off. Nor was it a rogue pack, because when I got some more they were the same. Better to do without these useful rubbish bags than to be assailed by that noxious smell.

I was reminded of these bastard progeny of the recycling industry when, weeks ago, I encountered carpet underlay made from recycled rubber tyres. - The ghastly stink was orders of magnitude worse even than that of the black bags...)o: And goodness knows what its half-life is! - Several centuries, I'd guess - long, long past the demise of any room or occupants thereof that had to endure its presence...

Recycled paper: I've not got much against that. Recycled cloth: well that has a long and respectable history. - But tell me exactly how poisoning the purchasers of recycled black plastic bin bags and carpet underlay made from recycled car tyres can be justified in the name of saving the environment? - Speaking for myself, I favour natural products unadulterated by synthetic chemicals and with the minimum of processing.