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Monday, May 23, 2011

"The Plot Against the NHS" This review has the ring of truth

Dr Richard Horton is editor in chief of the Lancet, and in this Guardian article is reviewing The Plot Against the NHS by Colin Leys and Stewart Player. I recognise the chicanery and deceptions that have been practised by politicians of all hues for many years in all aspects of the NHS. While I am certainly not a fan of the NHS, the deficiencies of which I have frequently drawn attention to and deplored, I see no redeeming features in the privatisation of parts of it. What is overwhelmingly needed is proper accountability by the medical profession, the nursing profession and other healthcare professionals, and by the bureaucracies and management that administer both public and private healthcare. - By which I mean accountability to patients, who both as taxpayers and as private patients, pay the salaries of the Healthcare Industry, but are grossly ill-served both by the futile Complaints Procedures and by the partisan legal system, when they are harmed by professional negligence, ignorance or incompetence.