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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Have you heard of Bifidobacteria?

Have you heard of Bifidobacteria? You should have done. Bifidobacteria are friends of yours...(o: They are some of the little beneficial microbes that live in your gut. They are sometimes referred to as Probiotics.

You've heard of Antibiotics I am sure. Now when we take antibiotics in order to treat an infection, as well as dealing with the baddie bacteria that are responsible for the infection, antibiotics unfortunately tend to kill off some of the friendly microbes like Bifidobacteria. This can lead to gut problems and many other problems, including thrush/candida and BV/bacterial vaginitis/bacterial vaginosis. And the harmful bacteria in the gut thrive and digestion is compromised. The immune system gets damaged and your risk of developing cancer increases.

But never fear! - Send Bifidobacteria to the rescue! - An easy way to increase the friendly bacteria in your gut and decrease the harmful bacteria, is to eat Probiotic dairy yogurt. - The best sort of probiotic yogurt to look for is that made from full fat milk that has come from cows that eat grass in the fields, not those poor cows that live in overcrowded, dark, unhealthy barns and eat pesticide-treated grains and are given antibiotics because of the poor hygiene. And you should avoid yogurt that has added sugar, because sugar feeds the baddie bacteria that cause those yeast infections like thrush. And you should also make sure the yogurt is organic. Personally I eat Probiotic Yeo Valley natural yogurt usually. It's delicious and it's good for your health. But it is not the only good probiotic wholemilk yogurt. - Why not try all the ones you can find? - Give your gut a treat! - Buy it some probiotic yogurt! - You can read more about Bifidobacteria and the ways it benefits our health by reading this Wikipedia article