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Friday, August 22, 2014

Struggling to carry on

Sometimes it's a struggle to carry on and you are in the position of choosing between options as to what's best to do at the time. And sometimes additional problems present themselves. And understandingly you may sometimes choose what is not really the best option.

I wrote in February about meds which cause dehydration and how drinking plain water is what you need to do. - Extract - "By the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. And you may unwittingly increase the problem by drinking, say, coffee, which is widely considered to have diuretic properties. Alcohol too is a diuretic. If you are thirsty, you would be much better slaking your thirst with plain water. Salty drinks are clearly inadvisable, and sugary drinks also tend to increase thirst. You are not in need of vague 'liquid'; you are specifically in need of PLAIN WATER." - I had found this so helpful myself and I kept rigidly to my own advice. - But in the last month I have drunk two cups of extremely weak coffee and one cup of weak tea. - In my constant struggle with increasing pain and insufficient sleep, I did this in the hope that these drinks would 'wake me up a bit' from my great tiredness. I hadn't chosen a good option.

When we struggle, especially with very great difficulties, and we make a mistake, there may be the temptation to give up altogether. - Before that, I'd like to suggest asking for help, if you can. There are a lot of kind people in the world. Obviously I don't mean approaching anyone who is going to label your problems and difficulties with the catch-all daft label of 'depression' and want you to take anti-depressants. - You do NOT need even more problems to deal with! - Drink a glass or two of plain water and continue each day to drink plain water and avoid coffee and alcohol. This will help you in many ways and clear your head. If you think you need my input, then email me from my website and I'll do my best to get back to you.