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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hands up! - Who thinks pain is caused by a shortage of aspirin in the body? - Or by lack of antidepressants?

Hands up! - Who thinks pain is caused by a shortage of aspirin in the body? - Or by lack of antidepressants? - Well I hope that none of you has your hand up. I hope that when you think about it you agree with me that pain is your body's signal to your brain that there is something wrong with your body. You know the sort of thing: you step on something sharp when you are walking around barefoot and you feel pain. If your body hadn't sent the message to your brain you might be unaware that there was something wrong and might continue walking with the wound exposed to possible infection. - And I hope you agree with me that the way to deal with the pain is to deal with what is causing the pain, i.e. move your foot away from the sharp stone, clean up the wound and apply a sticking plaster or bandage, perhaps, to keep it clean and prevent infection. You need to deal not with the pain, but with the cause of the pain. And the cause of pain is in your body, not in your mind.

Now if you happen to think that the way to deal with pain is to 'kill' it, with aspirin or another pain-killer, then I wonder if you are someone employed in the pharmaceutical industry perhaps? or a shareholder in a drug company? - Or one of their dupes? - And if you think that pain is caused by 'depression', are you a medical student or doctor who has been conditioned/brainwashed to believe such nonsense by attending lectures and seminars funded by drug manufacturers who need medics to prescribe drugs in order to swell their profits? - Or are you a dentist who believes that a woman who has agonising toothache is only 'claiming' to be in agony because that belief allows you, the dentist, a good way of covering up when you or your colleagues have failed by incompetence or negligence to diagnose an acute abscess and you lack the moral courage and honesty to admit your fault/mistake? And are you more afraid of criticism and humiliation than you are afraid of leaving a fellow human being in needless, prolonged agony which appropriate dental treatment would remedy or ameliorate...

Remember, pain is a signal from the body to the brain. A signal to you that there is something wrong with your body. It is one of your body's defence mechanisms. It is not a signal to someone other than you that you are 'depressed'. That does not make evolutionary sense. - It is a very foolish idea. Do not entertain it.