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Sunday, January 27, 2013

I blame the tutorial system...

Years ago, sitting in an uncomfortable chair without arms, in an airless, windowless, cold, subterranean room, I'd patiently listened to a lengthy lecture of the so-so variety, about newspaper archives in our area, and at last Providence had granted my voiceless plea that it come to an end. I turned to my companion and embarked on a sentence bewailing the ghastliness of the chairs. I didn't want to rush it; I wanted to temper the expression of my discomfort and be as polite as possible since it had been at her suggestion that we had gone to the lecture. Before I reached the tactful point of my remark, however, she had interrupted me and agreed with what she had decided I was about to say. - " Yes," she said. "The chairs are extremely comfortable, aren't they?" (I blame the tutorial system...(o: - They're taught to be so confident and swift in their opinions that they're even confident they know yours as well! - Don't you just hate it when people finish off your sentences for you?)