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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I went for an eye test today and was told I now have tiny cataracts

I went for my biennial eye test today and was informed that I don't need new glasses but that I now have a tiny cataract in each eye. Cataracts are one of the many adverse side-effects that can result from taking prescribed steroids. I am a steroid victim and I am confident that the steroid medication I took for many years is the main reason I now have these very small cataracts. 

I'm not at all worried about this development because I am confident that my long avoidance of added salt and salty food, and my present low carbohydrate/high fat way of eating (sometimes called a ketogenic diet) will greatly reduce the likelihood of the cataracts growing to become big problems.

Update: 5th July 2014. Sadly I was mistaken in what I stated in my second paragraph. My confidence was misplaced. The cataracts are now much bigger and are making it much more difficult for me to see clearly. The optometrist told me yesterday that they will inevitably continue to grow.