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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I listened to the Afternoon Play on Radio 4 today: "Last Days of Grace"

It was superb. If you go to this page you could yourself listen to it now or in the next 7 days. It has 2 characters, plus Christopher Martin-Jenkins as the Voice of Cricket. The 2 characters are W.G Grace, the famous cricketer from the early days of cricket, and a rather mysterious other man.

I have no interest in cricket or in cricketing history, but the play had me hooked from the first moment. The quality of the acting! - What actors of the calibre of Kenneth Cranham and Benedict Cumberbatch can put into a sentence! If you like a play that disturbs you somewhat into a feeling of unease, if you like a little shiver inching down your spine, I think Benedict Cumberbatch would do it for you, as he did for me.

We are so fortunate to have Radio 4 and its Afternoon Plays, and to have such fine actors as these to act in them.